KitchenItems needs to have a constant network connection to the store’s Server and in effect it’s Database.

If this connection is broken for any reason KitchenItems has some features built in to notify the end-user.

It’s worth noting that when the connection to the server is lost, KitchenItems will display a notification regarding the lost connection and it will not be possible to continue working on KitchenItems until this issue is resolved. However, you should still be able to access the File, Options and Help menu even if the connection is lost.

While you will be able to access this, there will be some sub-selections that you will not be able to configure. Specifically: Aura settings from the Options menu. As soon as the connection is established again this should work fine. If you try to access the Aura settings, this error will appear:

Application error - Connection Failure

Active Connections:

When KitchenItems has a connection to the DB and the connection is working fine, it should look like this:

kitchen items with active connection and some pending orders

Lost Connection Notifications:

When the connection to the Database is lost either through a network problem or ODBC connection this notification will show:

Lost Connection Notification

KitchenItems also actively displays the status of the current connection through the status bar at the bottom of the KitchenItems User Interface.

Different Statuses:

a. Connected to Network[LAN]

b. Disconnected from Network[LAN]

c. Network Connection Status Unknown

C will happen when the KitchenItems computer’s network connection is renamed to something other than Local Area Connection:

Correct Naming of Network Connection

It’s worth noting that when the connection to the database is lost, KitchenItem settings can still be accessed and configured*

*However with a lost connection, KitchenItems will actively try to restore the connection and as such there will be periods where KitchenItems will momentarily freeze.

Kitchen Item Connection Settings:

You can configure the Database connection from within KitchenItems, this setting form looks like this:

Kitchen Items Connection Settings

You can access this setting from:

Options > Kitchen Item Settings, select the Tab named Connections.