This is a quick guide on how to use Special Orders, a function that’s used when an online order might fail to automatically communicate with a store after getting a response from the Yumbi Online Ordering server.

Special Orders

When an Online orders prints to the Yumbi GSM printer instead of through Aura, take the following action:

1. Click on the Special Order button as shown below:

Aura Invoicing Manual Online Orders button location

Please Note: If the Special Orders button doesn't appear on Invoicing, Please contact the Aura Helpdesk for assistance in adding the function.

An alternative option would be to select the Invoicing menu and click Special Orders or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + S. The following window should appear with two prompts:

Manual Online Orders first Step

  • Reference number for this order is a number that is printed on the Yumbi GSM printer when the Online Orders server cannot communicate with the store's client. See the image of a Yumbi slip below where we have highlighted where the reference number prints:

  • Order Amount is the total amount of the order, as it appears on the Yumbi Slip.

2. Capture the figures in the available fields. It should look something like this:

Manual Online Order prompt example

Please Note: The reference number would usually have either a C or D in it, which informs you whether the order is for a delivery [D] or a collect [C] order.

3. Click the Validate button. A new window should appear, and depending on whether it’s a collect or delivery order, it’ll either be the Customer Lookup or the Order window. From here you should be able to finish the order manually. Make sure to add the correct menu items with the correct total value or else the order will fail.

If paid online, the sale will appear in Cashup under Credit Cards.