Updating/Adding Headers

To update a header, the existing image files simply need to be replaced with the updated header file. New headers may be provided from correspondence with your Headoffice, or are published to the Cosoft website and can be downloaded from there.

To update an existing header or to add a new header, follow these steps. If you receive a download link directly, simply click the link and proceed to Step 4:

1. Open your web browser and go to www.cosoft.co.za.

2. Click Downloads under the Quick Links section on the right of the page


3. Scroll to the Software for Current Events section and click the correct header for your Brand and/or Special. Depending on your browser, take the following action:

  • Internet Explorer: Click Run to run the file immediately after download

    Run or Save.png

  • Mozilla Firefox: Click Save File. Click the file on the downloads list to open it after it completes downloading.


2. FirefoxRun.png

  • Chrome: The download will begin automatically on a bar at the bottom of the page. Click on the file once the download completes.


4. When the file opens, click Run. Click Extract to automatically extract the header files to the Images location.

The header will now be updated. Print an invoice to check that the new image prints correctly.

Disabling Headers

If a header needs to be removed due to it being incorrect or causing problems, please take the following steps to disable the header:

  1. Open Invoicing and click Settings > Specific Computer > Printer Settings.

  2. Un-tick the option Print Invoice Logos. 

  3. Repeat the above for each till that needs to have Headers disabled.

If you encounter any problems with the steps above, or if enabling Headers cause issues with your printer or invoicing process, please contact the Aura Helpdesk.