Deliveree is a complete delivery management system for stores using Aura and Online Ordering. The system was designed with the Yumbi call centre system in mind, and integrates directly with it. Deliveree uses GPS co-ordinates provided by Yumbi/Online Ordering to locate orders and allow for the viewing and tracking of orders on an online street map, while giving drivers directions via GPS enabled devices. The store can also monitor the drivers location and progress.

NB: The full Deliveree manual can also be viewed here on Google Docs.

The Deliveree system consists of the following elements:

  • The Deliveree Portal ( is a web-based interface that can be logged into by any web browser. This is run on a large wall-mounted monitor powered by a Raspberry Pi device running a Linux OS at the store. You will need to log in using your Deliveree details to use it.
  • The Deliveree App, which runs on an android device which has an ABSA Payment Pebble card/fingerprint payment device. This device is GPS enabled, which allows drivers to plot routes to deliveries and store staff to monitor the driver's progress on the Deliveree Portal. Drivers will also use this device to process payments and send notifications to the customer.
  • The Deliveree Service which is released via the Aura Updater and is installed on the Server machine. This service is what communicates orders in Aura to the Deliveree Portal and App.