Configuring the Network

Right click and select ‘Configure Network

It will scan for wi-fi access points.

Select one and click connect. Enter the KEY right at the bottom.

That should suffice for normal wi-fi points.

Else, plug in an ethernet cable. DHCP is enabled by default.

Advanced settings are also available.

Launch the Browser Manually

Right Click on Desktop and select ‘Launch Application’. 

This runs the file/home/pi/Desktop/ which contains the URL to launch.

Auto Starting the Browser

It is not currently set to autostart the browser. To make it do this is simple and will be necessary for kitchen items, but not so much for Deliveree, as Deliveree has a mouse so the user can right click and launch the browser manually. The tech will have to first connect the network before setting it to autostart the browser after booting up.

Just right click and select terminal.

Type sudo nano ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Press Enter

Remove the # sign from the front of the last line

Click CTRL-X 

Press Y Enter to save

To Edit The Default URL

The default URL to launch is stored in /home/pi/Desktop/

To change it, right click, select terminal

Type sudo nano /home/pi/Desktop/

Press Enter

Edit the URL

Click CTRL-X

Press Y Enter to save

To Close the Browser and Return to the Desktop

Press ALT F4

If there’s no full keyboard, the only way will be to restart the pi, but if it is set to automatically launch the browser (like for kitchen items), we may have a problem. Therefore Daniel needs to map a numeric keypad key todo the same as pressing ALT-F4. This is in progress.