Troubleshooting Flowchart

Compromised Pebble error

The ABSA Payment pebble is designed to be tamper-proof. As a result, anything it detects as attempted intrusion, such as dropping, jolting badly, or cracking of the pebble housing will cause the pebble to lock itself with the compromised error. In this case, the error is not repairable - ABSA will need to be contacted using the details below so that the pebble can be replaced

Pebble Not Responding error when trying to process a payment:

The Pebble is built to use the battery from the Blade until the Blade battery dips below 30%, then it goes to its own battery to maximise operating time. What happens though is the device will go flat and a driver will quickly put the device on charge between deliveries. What happens then is the Blade charges but then the Pebble does not have time to charge because the battery does not get over 30%. Eventually the pebbles battery goes flat. If the Blade is below 30% then the Pebble will not charge. To prevent this from happening, please ask drivers to keep the batteries above 30% and only for short periods of time during emergencies to let them dip below 30%.

The Handset has frozen and is not responding to touch:

You will need to reboot the Handset. There is a small red button underneath the Handset. Press it and hold it for 5 seconds. Use this button to reboot it.

The Handset is stuck on “Leaving store”:

This happens when you are connected to Wi-Fi, but the signal is very weak. You can ask drivers to press the ‘’leave’’ button while they are still in the store and not outside where the connection is weak.

Pebble (not blade) support procedue:

Call  Absa on 0860 111 222 and they will log a callout for the correct region if they cannot help telephonically. Absa will deal with the following issues ONLY:

  • Pebble is physically damaged

  • Pebble is not holding battery charge

  • Pebble is not charging

  • Pebble is cracked

  • You have a message saying that the Payment Pebble has been compromised

  • You cannot accept card payments on the Pebble