The Deliveree Display is turned off. How do I turn it back on?

The Deliveree Computer does not have a power switch. If you switched it off by Selecting “Shutdown” from the desktop, then you can turn it back on by removing the power cable, and re-inserting it. Make sure that your monitor is also on.

The Deliveree Display has frozen or is not responding.

Reboot the Raspberry Pi by removing the power lead from the box, not the wall, waiting 10 seconds and re-inserting it.

I need to exit the Deliveree web portal to change my network settings.

Move the mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen, click on the 

 to exit Deliveree web portal and return to the grey desktop.

The normal Deliveree Web Portal has disappeared, how do I return to the Deliveree Portal?

If the Deliveree Computer loads to the page below. To return to the Deliveree Web Portal move the mouse cursor to the top right of the page and click on the following icon and then click on the button for ‘Openbox’.