Important Settings

Please instruct cashiers not to use Aura to capture delivery orders. For Deliveree to work correctly, delivery orders must be captured on the Yumbi call center platform or through an online ordering service.

To prevent cashiers from using Aura Invoicing to place Delivery/Collect orders, you can open Aura Backoffice and go to Preferences > Settings. Once in settings, navigate to All Computers > Program Settings > Invoicing and tick the setting that says Disable Delivery/Collect.

Payment information

In order to cashup a driver, you need to know the total of his ABSA Pebble payments and the total of any other payments besides cash. These payments may have been made all on one blade or across multiple blades during the day. 

Each time a delivery is completed, the driver needs to select how payment was made:

Before you can cashup the driver, you need to know the totals of all the payment methods for each driver across all the devices used on the day. This is available from the Driver Daily report on the Deliveree Website:

The report will show you all the payment across all blades. In order to cashup, you need to know the total of all alternative payment methods besides cash. Add them up. In the image below, the totals are:

Payment Pebble: R97.40

Note that in the image below, there are some orders that driver David Mothapo has delivered where he did not select a payment type. The money for these deliveries will still need to be collected from the driver. The formula to use to calculate the cash is therefore sales less alternative payments.

R1591.80 - R97.40 = R1494.40

Once you have the figures, you can proceed to the cashup in Aura. In the image below, you can see that his sales total for the day is R1512.70 which will match Deliveree if all orders are correctly assigned. If there are mismatches, you need to make sure that Aura is correct by re-assigning any orders in Aura invoicing to their correct drivers.

The Aura cashup from this point onward is the same as always. You need to collect R1591.80 from David Mothapo. This will be in the form of Cash, Mobile Speedpoints (you will have the slips) and Absa Pebble Payments (you will have the above report from Deliveree). When you post the driver, Aura will ask you which till you are putting his money into.

When cashing up the till, you will need to manually enter the credit cards under F2.

ABSA App transactions

In rare situations, you might find that a driver has made a payment directly through the ABSA app instead of through Deliveree. You can check this by looking at the payment history in the ABSA app.

To View transaction history on your Payment Pebble Handset:

  1. Open the Payment Pebble application.

  2. Select Transaction History to see all your previous transactions.

  3. Select the transaction to view more details.

  4. Select a supervisor. Only the last 5 transactions performed on the inserted  Payment Pebble will be visible.
    NOTE: Approved transactions are marked “green”. Declined transactions are marked “red”.

  5. Select the transaction to view more details.

  6. A supervisor PIN is required to view more transactions.

  7. Once the supervisor pin has been inserted, all transactions performed by the merchant can now be viewed. When selecting a payment it will open up a detailed report on that transaction. The option to resend a receipt can be performed by selecting the required transaction.

  8. Enter an email address and/or mobile number to receive the proof of payment.

  9. Enter the supervisor PIN, select RESEND/RECEIPT