Thank you for your interest in Deliveree. 

We know you are busy, so we've put the application online and you can complete it on your phone or computer without needing to print, scan or fax.

To sign up for deliveree, use this link:

To add more hardware or replace broken or lost hardware, use this link:

Heavy Duty Protective Rubber Sleeves

These new covers are available as of 15 January 2019. We had them custom made to protect both the blade and the pebble from drops. The entire device can now be wrapped in a thick rubber injection moulded cover. There is extra protection on the corners and other places where our drop-tests have revealed the device typically lands. Once in the cover, we have found that the device is much better protected, even from multiple drops from 1.5 meters. A device that is wrapped in this cover will no longer fit in the wall mount brackets or on the scooter or in the docking station, but there is a lanyard for the driver to use to hang it around his neck.

Docking Station

We now have docking stations available. The docking station will replace the need for a charger as the blade can stand in it and while the blade is in the docking station, it is charging. In addition, there is a fast charger for a spare battery behind where the blade docks. You can always have a spare battery on fast charge, even while a blade is charging.

To request a quote for a docking station or spare battery, please use this link:

New stores signing up will always be quoted for one protective sleeve per blade and one docking station with spare battery per store.