Please download the delphi print service install file from

Note that there is also a 'Node.js' version of the print service, but as of 2019, this is only for SST's in Non-Aura stores. It is installed on the SST. It is only available for Linux and it only prints to either USB or Ethernet printers. Aura stores will be using the delphi print service for now. The delphi print service only runs on Windows and not linux or android.

Once downloaded click on the "Arrow" next to the download and click "Open"

NB!! This needs to be installed onto the till that the printer you want to print to is connected to. If it is a network printer, install this onto the server.

Extract it to the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Alphapos\Aura .  (you can only extract it into a valid Aura folder, not just an empty folder)

Install it by going to CMD as an Administrator. In CMD, go to the folder where the extracted AuraPrintSvc.exe file is.

Install it with the command "AuraPrintSvc.exe /install". 

You will know it has been installed if you go to Windows services and you can see it there. It is called "Aura Print Service". It will not work until you manually set it to start automatically and then actually start it.

The printer must be installed on the computer and it must be shared. 

In Aura on the computer that has the print service (usually the server because you wouldn't install it on a till, in an empty folder), make sure the Production Printer has the device set to \\COMPUTER\SHAREDPRINTERNAME and that Direct to Port is ticked. Also make sure the shared printer is actually installed in Windows on the server and can print a test page. Also test it in invoicing by reprinting an order. The server must be able to print to the shared windows printer on the till


In kitchen items (New Backoffice), go to Kitchen > Device Settings (localhost:3004/settings>kitchenitems>devices) 

On the device for the kitchen screen that must print, select the Linked till that the printer is installed on (usually the server):

Click on queue settings. 

Then for the setting "Print At Till", select the till that is running the print service. This has absolutely got to be the computer that is running the service. This is critical. See below.

You also need to include a 'print' action on either 'actions on claim' or 'actions on complete'. Actions on claim are triggered when the order appears in the queue. Actions on complete are triggered when the order is bumped off the queue.

NOTE: Actions on claim only works if 'enable automatic claiming' is enabled in device queue settings. This must be ticked.  

Q: When would you not tick 'Enable Automatic Claiming'?

A: When you want to show the same invoice on multiple kitchen screens simultaneously in the same queue. This does not mean the store has two kitchen displays each showing its own queue. If you have multiple kitchen displays running their own queues, then tick this setting on all of them.