Kitchen Items has been rewritten and is now called Kitchen Workflow Manager.

Here are some scenarios you may encounter and how to rectify them

Kitchen Items or Customer Display is not showing orders

Please make sure that you have created inwards rules to allow ports 3004 and 3005 through the Aura POS server's Firewall. Also allow the Backofficeservice through the firewall.

Customer Display is incorrectly themed.

Install the correct CSS files in the Aura/assets folder. Make sure the fonts files are in the correct folders. Point to the CSS files in new Backoffice under the "Manage Customer Displays" section. The StyleSheets setting will look like this: \assets\Steers24\steers-customer.css

The customer display is not showing orders in the "Ready" section

Make sure that the queue action called "Record Prepared Time" has been included in "Actions on Complete"