The Pebbles from ABSA are designed to be tamper proof. 

If someone were to try to tamper with it, it will destroy itself and show a message saying "Pebble Compromised". If this happens, you need to contact ABSA support on the following number for a replacement. 0860 111 222. You will need your merchant number when you call.

The following actions could be interpreted by the Pebble as attempted tampering:

  • Hard Bumps
  • Voltage Changes
  • Current Changes
  • Hot Temperatures above 55 degrees
  • Moisture

To avoid unnecessarily compromising pebbles, you can take the following actions:

  • Do not place pebbles on warmer shelves
  • Do not place pebbles in delivery bags or near steaming food
  • Do not put pebbles inside the back bin of a delivery scooter
  • Do not get pebbles wet
  • Do not use incorrect chargers
  • Try not to drop them or bang them