Yumbi sends sends delivery orders to Aura and to Deliveree at the same time. If the order fails to integrate with Aura for whatever reason, it will fail over to your Yumbi GSM backup printer. It will however still be on Deliveree, but with no Aura details such as an Aura order number. Instead of an Aura order number, it will have a Yumbi order number. 

After the cashier takes the slip from the backup Yumbi GSM printer and rings up the order manually in Aura as a "Special Order", then the existing order on Deliveree will be updated with the Aura details.

The attached PDF shows this process in more detail and with screenshots.

NOTE: This will only happen if the cashier uses the special order button to ring up the failed order manually in Aura. She must never ring up failed online orders as normal delivery orders because doing so will duplicate the order on Deliveree and there will be no payment details in cases where the order was pre-paid online.