The ABSA Pebble

The pebble’s battery is separate from the blade’s battery. The pebble’s battery will charge using the blade’s power until the blade goes below 15%. Once below 15% the pebble will start using it's own battery and it will show a RED light indicating that you need to charge the blade.

Both your blade and your pebble batteries need to be kept charged in order to take card payments.

Below is a list showing the colours of the LED on the pebble and what they mean.

What it means when the LED is OFF:

  • When the LED is OFF it means that the battery is completely flat or the MDH is powered off.

What it means when the LED is GREEN:

  • When the LED is GREEN it means the Pebble is fully charged, and the blade’s battery is above 15%. It now allows the pebble’s battery to charge from the blade.

What it means when the LED is RED:

  • When the LED is RED it means that the battery is currently charging or the blade’s battery has gone below 15% and needs to be plugged in to charge.

The blade battery charge can be seen on the top of the phone (just like a normal cellphone).

If keeping the batteries charged is a problem, remember you can purchase one or more docking stations with spare batteries. The docking station can charge both a blade and a spare battery at the same time. The spare battery charger is a fast charger so you can get a 80% charge in a matter of minutes. Please contact our sales department on 086 099 4155 to order one. Docking stations are sold separately to spare batteries.