Configuring and processing in Aura POS

For stores that want to use third party delivery services such as Mr Delivery or UberEats , but are set up in such a way that their deliveries are typically handled by Yumbi, Online Ordering and Deliveree, there is a particular way that

the third party delivery orders need to be handled so that they don’t interfere with the other delivery systems.

This guide will detail the proper procedures for capturing these orders .

If you need assistance with the setup or have questions on the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the Aura Support Helpdesk on 0860 994 155

Initial Setup

Step 1: Create Streets

This step is an important part of being able to track the sales processed via these services.

  1. In Backoffice , click Lists > Streets , then click Delivery Areas to add a new Map reference.

            a. The Grid Reference must be called 3RDPARTY

            b. The remaining settings should be left as default.

        2. Click Suburbs. Capture the name of the service as a suburb:

        3. Click Street Names and add a new entry with the name of the services

        4. On the main street list page, find the new street in the list (Use Filter and filter by street name if necessary)

        5. Link the street to Map Ref 3RDPARTY , the Suburb to Mr Delivery (or UberEats)

        6. Post the changes by clicking the tick mark [✔]

Step 2 - Create Customers

Each Third-Party Delivery company needs to be set up as a Customer in Aura, so that orders can be assigned to them. In Backoffice , click Lists > Customers , then click [+] to add a new entry.

Capture the company name and telephone number. Note that no address details are required. Click Post to save the changes.


Capturing Orders

When orders are placed from a Third Party service, the order will come through via a Phone call to the store or a printer installed by the service.

This order must be captured in Invoicing as a Collect order!

This is done for several reasons: first, it avoids problems with using Yumbi’s callcentre platform to send an order to Deliveree for the order to be delivered when it is not handled at all by the store.

Next, it allows the order to be held until it is collected by the Third Party delivery company, as well as being linked to the Company’s customer entry.

Assigning a Reference Number

After the order has been placed, you will often receive a reference number for the invoice from the third party service agent or printed slip. This reference number must be captured by pressing the Note button in invoicing so that the

reference number will appear on the slip.

Completing the Order and Cashup

When the Third Party Delivery Service driver comes in to collect the order, the Cashier must Re-Print the invoice for the store’s reference, and make sure that the driver signs the slip, which will then be kept in the till drawer for proof.

The order can then be completed off as a Cash transaction.

When cashing up the till, press [F5] on the keyboard, to open the Debtors field. Capture each signed invoice slip using the service name as a reference, and their order reference number under Person’s Account.