How to set up the Cosoft APN

Please follow the below steps to setup Cosoft APN on Smart Devices.

1. Locate and open the Settings on your Smartphone.

2. In setting click on Connection Settings.

3. In Connection Settings Click Mobile Networks.

4. In Mobile Networks click Access Point Names.

5. In Access Point Names click Add (+) to create the Cosoft APN.

6. Once you have clicked on add, it will open a blank APN here you will need to add the following:

Name: cosoft

APN: cosoft

NOTE: This is the only information that you will need to add (spelling & lowercase is very important)

7. Once you added the Name & APN, go back to Access Point Names and select cosoft.

Please take note that whenever the sim card is removed and then inserted again the APN will default back to the original settings, sou you will need to connect to the Cosoft APN again.