Delivery Tribe recently made a decision to allow Franchisees to add an alternative hardware solution to the current blade. In the alternative solution, there is a credit card machine attached to phone. Customers may take advantage of a myriad of Android smart phones that are on special from various vendors. Each driver will need one and that phone (personal device) will have our Deliveree app installed on it. In addition to the phone, the driver should take a regular mobile speedpoint from any bank of your choice. This is to accept card payments.

We have reduced our software fee for personal devices to match what we were charging for integrated solutions.

We can also still supply you with our APN simcard which has a fixed monthly cost for all your data needs. Never worry about running out or topping up. This simcard is limited in what it can do. It cannot make calls over the GSM network, cannot sms, there's no whatsapp, facebook, youtube, games etc. It will ensure your drivers are only using their phones for their intended purpose. If you prefer, you can also use your own simcards and manage the data yourself.

Please take note that whenever the sim card is removed and then inserted again the APN will default back to the original settings, sou you will need to connect to the Cosoft APN again.

Advantages of using a Smartphone with separate Speedpoint

  • Lower upfront hardware costs.
  • Large range of less expensive covers and bike mounts.
  • You will have printed credit card slips.
  • Cash ups and reconciling will be easier.
  • Wide range off devices to choose from as long as they meet minimum requirements.

Minimum Specs for Alternative Smartphones

The Huawei Y5 or alternative & Accessories can be purchased from any off the following outlets:

Online: Takealot

In Store: Edgars, JET, PEP, Ackerman’s, Incredible Connections, Dion Wired, Makro, Game and Sportsman's Warehouse.

Please note that the price could vary depending on the store you choose to purchase from.

Below is the minimum specs for any alternative smartphone:

  • Android 7.1.1 or Higher
  • GPS
  • Battery above 3000 mAh.
  • Play Store (To Download Deliveree Application)
  • Fast Charging (Optional)

Optional Extra:

We recommend getting addition power banks to use with the Smartphone in case of busy nights where the smartphones gets used more than usual.

Power banks range from: R 100.00 – R 500.00 depending on the brand and mAh:

2600 mAh (+- R 100.00)

5200 mAh (+- R 200.00)

10 000 mAh (+- R 300.00)

20 000 mAh (+- R 400.00)

Attached is a version of the information in PDF and PowerPoint. In the attachments you will also find image examples of the items you could purchase.