A new feature that allows you to pay later will be available with MobileIntegration version, you will need to activate the feature on each SST once the version is released.

First, you will need to check the Mobileintegration version by going to:

This PC > C Drive: >Program Files (x86) > Alphapos > MobileIntegration

Then scroll down until you find MobileIntegration.exe, right-click on MobileIntegration.exe, and select Properties.

Once you have selected Properties, on the top toolbar select Details, from here you can see if you are on version If you are not on the latest version you will not be able to activate the Pay later feature.

If you are on version you can continue with the below steps on activating the feature. If you are on a different version you will need to wait for the release and update.

(Once you have read through the below steps there is also a short video attached for reference).

Step 1: Scan the QR code at the SST to access the Management interface

If you do not have a printed version you can use your phone to take a photo and scan the photo from your phone, or download the QR code attached and print it out.

Scan the QR Code on SST as indicated below:

Step 2: Once the Manage interface has loaded, you will need to select Payment.

Step 3: Once you have selected Payment, tick the box next to Allow Pay Later, after it has been ticked select Back.

Step 4: Select Save and wait for the SST to reload.

Once the pay later feature has been activated, you will notice on the payment screen of the SST there will be a new button called Pay at Till, this button refers to the pay later feature.

When the order is processed and sent to Invoicing it will be displayed under the outstanding tab untill payment has been received at the till.