• Blank screen on the FNB speed point (pin pad).

When the FNB Speedpoint is powering on but the screen is blank as per the image below or has a message "Tampered" on the screen, you will need to call FNB directly.

FNB Support - FNB Switch Merchants contact numbers.

Please read the instructions with regard to escalations.

  • Network Disconnected, Reconnecting.

When the FNB speed point (pin pad) can not connect to the network, make sure the internet that the FNB switch is connected to is working, if the internet is fine you will need to call Cosoft for a technician to come and look at the Network switches.

Please DO NOT unplug any network cables from the Network switches.

Error message displayed on the FNB speed point.

Error message displayed on the Self Service Terminal.

  • There are no card payment options not available on the SST.

When the card payment options are not displayed on the SST, the FNB pin pad will not show any errors, but you would need to restart the PaymentIntegration services on the server.


To restart the PaymentIntegration service please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the Run window.

Press and hold the Windows key then press the R key once on the keyboard.

This will then open the Run window:

If you use the Windows key + R and nothing shows up you can access the Run window by going to the Start screen and start typing the word run. Then, click the Run search result.

Older versions of Windows click the Start button and type the word run in Start Menu's search box. Then, click the Run search result.

Step 2: Open the Services window.

In the Run window type services.msc and click on OK.

Once you have clicked OK the Services window will open.

Step 3: Locate the PaymentIntegration service.

Once the Services window is open you will need to scroll down the list and look for PaymentIntegration.

Right-click on the PaymentIntegration and click on Start.

After starting services, when ringing up the order the Card Payment order will be available.

  • Restarting the FNB Pin pad without unplugging it.

How to restart the FNB pin pad without unplugging it.

The first sequence you will need to press on the FNB Pin pad: 

Hold down the Green Button and press 7.

Next, it will ask for a password, the password will be generic for all FNB Pin Pads - "166831" then press Green Button again.

After that, you will just need to press 1 for restart. 

  • FNB speed point (pin pad) does not power on.

When the FNB speed point does not power on.

Open the back of the SST and locate the power supply for the FNB speed point. make sure that the power supply is plugged in correctly.

If it is plugged in correctly you will need to make sure that the 3-point plug is also plugged in. If there is still no power on the FNB speed point you will need to log a call with FNB, numbers are provided above.