It’s possible that during transit the printer gets unseated.

Below are the simple steps for adjusting or repositioning the printer

See attached images and video of the positioning of the printer shelf, should any tweaking be required to allow the printer to print out smoothly.

Going forward we will increase the printer slot cutout to allow for more exit space, but if the printer is pushed incorrectly then it will print out.


The first video (Adjust the printer shelf) it explains where to adjust the height of the printer shelf.

You have to remove the computer in order to get to the nut that will be used to adjust the shelf height, you’ll also need a 10 mm spanner/socket to loosen and tighten the nut if an adjustment is needed.


To remove the computer all you have to do is pull it up and move it towards you and just reverse the process to re-install it.

Once the computer is removed you can use the 10 mm spanner or socket to adjust the height of the shelf.

The below picture shows you the correct positioning of the smaller inner rail, it can be adjusted simply by removing the printer out of the unit and flipping it over to access the button head cap screws.

You need a 2 mm Alan key to loosen and tighten the cap screws.

This position ensures the printer is pushed up as close to the front as possible, as the printer needs to be as close to the front face-plate as possible.


The below picture shows you the ideal position of the printer,  so when you print, the paper will come through the head unit correctly.