The new Hisense TP808 receipt printer will save you space on the counters while costing you less.

The Hisense TP808 is around 30% smaller,

It has dual positioning capabilities, enabling you to print out the Front or Top of the printer,

and by choosing your printing side will also enable you to change the paper loading position, 

For example:

Print from the Front = Paper loaded from the Front

Print from the Top = Paper loaded from the Top

The Hisense TP808 printer can be connected via Ethernet, Serial & USB. The setup for the new Hisense TP808 will mostly be the same as setting up the older TM-T20 printer with a few changes here and there.

Below is the step by step instructions on setting up the new printer for each of these connections:


The IP address of the printer will need to be changed to be on the same IP range as the store.
First, we will need to change the IP address of the till to be in the same range as the printer, to enable us to pick up the printer on the network.

DO NOT CHANGE THE IP address of the server, this should be done on a till as the till will be offline while the printer's IP is being changed.

It can be done by following the below steps. 

Open Control panel and go to Network Connections

Right-click on the Ethernet connection and select properties;

Select Internet Protocol Version  (TCP/IP4), then click Properties

Click Advanced...;

Click on Add...;

Add a new IP address that is on the same range as the printer for example 

Printer IP address

Add a new IP, and Subnet Mask

Once added you can select Add;

Then select OK;

Make sure to use the new IP address added by editing the following;

IP Address: "New address added"
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:

Then click OK;

Click Yes;

Close the Network Properties

Now that we have changed the IP address of the till we can continue to change the IP address of the printer, it is very important to remember to change the IP address of the till back when you are done with the printer.

Open the Google Chrome browser and in the address field type in the printers IP address and press enter, if you did not add the till computer to the same IP range as the printer you will not be able to access the printer from here;

On the left-hand side select TCP/IP and now you can change the IP address to be on the network of the store;

Make sure the GET IP Address drop-down is set to Manual; 

Before submitting the change you will need to ping the IP on the network to ensure it is not already in use, to do this go to the server open the command prompt;

In command prompt type; ping "New IP address given to the printer"

Press Enter if the response comes back with a time out error the IP address is available for use;

You can now add the Default Gateway and then Submit;

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation message and you can now continue to print a test page from the printer to ensure the IP address is configured correctly.

Once the IP address of the printer has been changed you need to print a Self-Test page and get the IP address of the printer this needs to be done so you can add the printer using the Control Panel.

To print a Self-Test page, plug in the power cable and connect the printer to the network via ethernet cable, before switching on the printer hold down the Feed button and then hold down the power button until the Self-Test page prints.

Once printed, at the top of the page, you will find the IP Address. (This is the IP address of the printer)

Before continuing with adding the printer to the till you will need to change the till's IP back to its original IP.

Once you have your IP address, open Control Panel, and select Devices and Printers;

Then select Add a printer;

Then The printer that I want isn't listed;

Then add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname, then Next;

Now add the IP address of the printer, then Next;

Windows will now try to detect the printer;

Now select Standard (Generic Network Card)

On the left-hand side select Generic and on the right-hand side select Generic / Text Only, then Next;

Now you will need to name the printer normally it would be named Invoice or Kitchen or Packing;

The printer will now install, once installed you will need to share the printer so it can be accessed by all other computers;

Once done, you will need to print a test page;

Once you have printed a test page and it printed successfully you can now continue to add the printer in BackOffice or invoicing:

In Settings, Click Specific Computer > Printer Setup.

The settings page is divided into two windows. On the left are assigned printers, separated into tabs depending on their category: Invoice PrintersProduction Printers, and Creditcard Printers. On the right is a list of all Available Aura Printers, which are printers created under the Printer tab at the top of Settings that have not yet been assigned.

If necessary, Click the [<] or [<<] buttons to move one or all printers over to their categories.

Once printers are moved into their categories change the following:

  1. In the Device field, type in the device’s Network path (i.e \\MAIN1\Invoice, or \\SERVER\Kitchen
    \\ Computer name \ Printer name (name of the printer added)
    OR if the printer is being hosted on another machine, select it from the drop-down list.

  2. Click Direct-to-Port

Then Apply and Close. Test the print by reprinting a previous invoice.