When processing a new sale, certain steps need to be taken to ensure the correct capture of an invoice, most of the orders will not be the same as the next one and will require very good attention to detail.

Once the cashier logged in an active till shift will be created if there is no active till shift you will be prompted to start a new shift., to process a new order, simply click on the Sale button at the bottom of the screen;

On you have selected Sale, you will be presented with the below screen;

The Invoice screen has been divided into 4 parts;

  • Invoice Information - This part displays the information about the invoice
    for example; Transacation type; Customer information, Order # & Sales channel "Cashier Sale"
  • Basket - This part shows you all the needed information with regards to the sale
    for example; transaction type, type of order, order #, selected menu items, invoice total, and it also gives you the options to discount, change the quantity, add notes, or void line times
  • Invoice Controls - This part allows you to choose what needs to happen to the invoice
    for example; pay the invoice, re-print the invoice, add a customer, choose a sales channel, and latest feature making a New Sale without having to go back to the Summary page saving you time when the lines are busy
  • Categories - The categories allow the cashier to quickly find menu items based on the category it belongs to
  • Menu Items - This part is known as the menu item selector, once a category has been selected you are able to select the menu item and choose from the available options while being able to see the Invoice information at all times

Watch the short video below on creating a new sale and the flow;

After you have added the item to the basket as per the above video it is always important to press Save;

Now that we know how to create a new sale, now let's change the quantity;

In the video, you would have noticed a small block with a number inside, these are quantity indicators, for example, having 50 buddy drinks will add a quantity indicator of 50 on the Cold Drinks category and the buddy option.

Add image multiple items selected: 

Now, let's add a note;

When no items are selected, an Invoice Note will be added;

  • Invoice Note - Specific request or instruction with regards to the entire invoice
    example of invoice note: "When delivering ask for the customer at reception"

When an item has been selected, an Item Note will be added;

  • Item Note - Specific request or instruction with regards to the item, it is important to note that you can not use item note that would affect the stock quantity or prices like adding or removing toppings
    example of item note:  "Buddy coke should be room temperature"

When submitting an Item Note it will appear as a new line underneath the Item;

Now that we can add notes, let's pay for the order;

When paying the order you will notice some large denominations on the left-hand side, this is based on the most commonly captured amounts, once the total has been added, you will need to click on the green tick which will automatically send the order to the kitchen and print out the customer slip.

When a payment has been received the change will be shown and the payment option will dim, stopping the cashier from taking another payment.

Adding a tip - When adding a cash tip the amount will appear as Change, when adding an amount for a tip to any other payment it will appear as a tip:

From here you can either start a New Sale by tapping/clicking on New Sale or return to the Summary Tab by clicking/tapping on Summary.