When loaded, you will be presented with 5 fields;

  • List of Invoices - This is a list of all invoices that are not assigned to a posted till shift;
  • Scroll Bar - This allows you to scroll through the list if there are multiple orders for the day;
  • Filter - This allows you to filter, search, or cancel the filter or search when looking for a specific invoice or group of invoices;
  • Till Information - This gives you all the information about the till and is broken up into 4 sections;
    Current Date & Time should always be the same as the date and time on the server
    Till ID is the ID given to this device to identify it during Cashup
    Shift - ADD HERE - can disappear
    Current Cashier Name that is logged in - can disappear
    Current Counter POS version
  • Till Options - The till options is broken up into 5 sections;
    The Sale tab is where you start a new order
    The Summary tab is where you to see all orders placed for the day
    The Cashup tab is where you do the cashup and reconciliation
    The Settings tab is where you change the settings of Counter POS
    The Log Out tab is where you log out of Counter POS and End your shift

Key features for Aura Counter POS regarding transactions & sales channels:

  • Customer integration - a customer record can be linked to any order type and the new Sales Channels.
  • Order search function - while viewing the summary tab, you may search the current list for specific invoices or order numbers; this is very helpful near the end of a busy day if a customer requests a duplicate copy of their receipt. 

  • Order filter function - while viewing the summary tab, if searching for an invoice fails, you now have the ability to filter all orders.