When booting the SST and you do not see the below information on the screen or the SST touch is not calibrated , you will need to check and disable the LVDS resolution in the BIOS settings.

The first step will be to enter the BIOS using the Delete button on a physical keyboard, once the screen loads into BIOS you will need to select the third tab "Chipset":

Once the page loads, you will either see the below screen and select "North Bridge":

OR, alternatively you will see the below screen and need to select "LCD Panel Type" then change it to LVDS Disabled, if you do not see the below screen continue to the next screenshot.

Then select LVDS Resolution Settings:

You will need to change it to LVDS Disabled:

Once closed it should be as per below: "LVDS Resolution Settings - LVDS Disabled"

Once it has been disabled, you will need to Save Changes and Exit, this will reboot the SST.

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